Trees with Meaning in Myanmar II

3. Vegetable Trees. The Dan-da-lun tree, Myanmar term (Botanical name: Moringa oleifera), which bears the drumstick, is a vegetable used in curries much like the Indian curries. The drumstick is cut and cooked with various vegetables, but one must peel open the cooked drumstick & consume the flesh & seeds within. The moringa leaves may also be cooked as soup

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Trees with Meaning in Myanmar I

A recent article by Vincent Chong on “Beautiful Tress in Italy” inspired me (with a little nudge from the man himself) to write about the trees in my homeland of Myanmar. The trees in Myanmar can be categorised as 1. Flower bearing; 2. Fruit-bearing; 3. Vegetable bearing, and 4. Sandalwood trees. Perhaps a botanist would be able to provide a

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Being a Leaf

B Taido A sudden yearning for nature brought me back to the hilly MacRitchie Nature trail, after a long hiatus.  In hindsight (as always), the attempt to run it was clearly over-spirited.  By the third uphill, I was huffing and puffing, and my legs felt like lead.  Fortunately, as I almost reached the top, the path appeared deserted; no one

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